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Hi, I am Donnie.

Being a blogger, I founded this website in 1999 (one of the foremost Chinese-language legal blogs). Its first name was “legal beans”. It was renamed to “BLAWGDOG” in 2005.
作为网志作者,我于1999年设立“法学豆子”网站并更新至今。它是中国最早的个人法律网站之一。自2005年起改称“法豆 BLawgDog”。

[Email: Donnie {AT}]

Being a lawyer, I got 15 years of experience in IP law, information & technology law, and the related commercial laws. I also advise on internet regulations, privacy, as well as IP/IT-related cross-border litigations.*

Being an academic, I write articles and blog posts on law and the internet, law, and technology, as well as technology and social development.  Previously, I had been an assistant professor (lecturer) with the Law School of Yunnan University, a research fellow at the Center for IP Research at China University of Political Science and Law, and a Fellow of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University (2009-2011). Currently, I am a Steering Committee member of the Digital Asia Hub, a non-profit think tank collaborated by scholars and senior professionals across Asia and Pan Pacific.
作为学者,我关注法律、互联网及它们各自(或共同)对社会发展的影响。 我曾在云南大学法学院任教,也是中国政法大学知识产权研究中心研究员。2009-2011年,我在哈佛大学法学院担任伯克曼互联网与社会研究中心的研究员(Fellow)。目前,我是非盈利性的智库研究机构“数字亚洲中心”的指导委员会成员,该机构由亚太地区的学者和资深专业人士合作建立。

I received two doctorate degrees: (i) a JSD in civil and commercial law from the China University of Political Science and Law, and (ii) a Ph.D. in common law from the City University of Hong Kong. I was a Fulbright Scholar during 2009-2010.

Click here to see the list of my academic publications.

* This is a personal academic website.  Articles published on this website do not represent the view of any organization that I am working with.  I did not, and will never, disclose client information through this website.  To avoid any doubt, I confirm that this website does not provide any legal service. 

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