Online resources for the case of LabMD Inc. v. FTC (11th Cir.) and the FTC’s response after the decision

Did the LabMD Case Weaken the FTC’s Approach to Data Security?

Comment: The LabMD Decision Reins in the FTC’s Authority to Issue Broadly Worded and Ill-Defined Orders

FTC Official Website

LabMD, Inc., In the Matter of 

Tom Kulik: The 3 Biggest Data Security Takeaways From The 11th Circuit Decision In FTC v. LabMD

Kirk Nahra: Takeaways from the 11th Circuit FTC vs. LabMD decision

By Jim Harvey, Larry Sommerfeld and Kate Hanniford: LabMD: The End of the FTC in Cyber, or Just a New Path?

Dune Lawrence: A Leak Wounded This Company. Fighting the Feds Finished It Off

After the 11th Cir. decision, FTC tried to be more specific: 

LightYear Dealer Technologies, LLC, In the Matter of

FTC Administrative Guidelines (non-binding) 

FTC Proposed Amendment to the GLB Rules.

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