Do Not Dial 110 – or You will be Fined 500

Do Not Dial 110 – or You will be Fined 500


As a respond to the spirit of "Welcome Asian Games, Build Homonization", according to the admininstration & Service center of Rental Estate at Da Shi Street, all the non-permanent residencts living in the Da Shi Street should refrain from dialing "110" [Chinese 911 number]. Who dial once will be fined RMB500 [USD$75], twice fine RMB1000 [USD$150], so on so forth. If you need to call the police, please call:

Da Shi Police station: 020-8478-3027
Da Shi Public Security Force: 020-8478-5533 or
Da Shan Police Station General: 020-3993-1632


I know what happened.

There must be a stupid internal standard during the Asian Games in Guang Zhou – The police stations must assure the public security during the Asian Games, and one of the standards of examining their working achievement must be the times that the "110" Emergency Center recieved the calls from the regions under the police stations’ administration. (The 110 Center is set up in the headquater of the Guangzhou police Bureau).

Da Shi Street must be a region where a lot of non-permanent residents are living – most of them are low class employees — To avoid lagging behind other police stations, and then blamed by the superior officer, the Da Shi Police Station invented such notice: "hey there, if there is any emergency, you should not call 110, but call our local offices."


You always get surprises at a place where the power comes from the superior but not  society.