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DMX-A Legal P2P File-Sharing Service

By Professor Paul Hoffert

The entertainment business model has become dis-functional as a result of the illegal distribution of music and movies as digital files on the Internet and pirated CDs/DVDs. DMX— Digital Media Exchange (DMX) is a legal alternative model for distributing content that compensates creators and owners of copyrights, while delivering the benefits that illegal file-sharers have come to expect, such as unlimited downloads, streaming, and copying of files without technical protections or DRM (digital rights management).

DMX is an online P2P service, operated by Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, as a non-profit cooperative of content subscribers and suppliers. DMX provides content and license aggregation, marketing, and distribution, as well as usage accounting and royalty distribution. DMX also provides searching, recommendation, playlist exchange, information, blogs, discussion groups, and access to merchandise services.