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An Introduction of Chinese Blawgs, Beta

Blawgging For China Blawg Review Vol. 1 Ver Beta 0.1
Title: An Introduction of Chinese Blawgs
Ver.: Beta 0.1
Date: 20060330
By: Donnie H. DONG (http://blawgdog.com)
Licence: CC:by-nc-sa
Because of the difficulty of reading Chinese characters (even knowing Chinese, one may be crazy when he find that Chinese itself includes three kinds of totally different computer character formats, that’s why Taiwan might split from China in cyber era, I think), a small part of China Blawg map has been unveiled to English surfers. Actually, most of disclosed China blawgs are with some "foreign link", that is, the blawgers may be foreign researchers and/or lawyers interested in China’s law, or its market, and these blawgs are mostly in pure English.
However, Chinese lawyers have established a large (not very heavy yet) Chinese blawg atlas in Chinese character, though the first legal Chinese blawg service provider appeared just around Jan 2005. Now there are thousands of blawgs in China, and the blawgers covered nearly all legal professions.
Most Chinese blawgs are set on blawg service providers’ servers, and rare ones have their own independent domain name. Now there are 7 blawg service providers. They are FYFZ.cn (more than 8000 registrants), Cnlawblog.com (more than 8000), Lawoy.com (400), Blog.highcourt.org (less than 3000 but only 100 active), Lawblog.cn (700), chinaeclaw.com (less than 400)and Lawspirit.org (more than 1000). The last one declares that it provides a “bilingual” blawg system, but it seems this ad does not allure potential blawgers. Interestingly, the FYFZ.cn, which provides the poorest application, is the most popular one, i.e. there are more than 500 active individual blawgs set on this site and the dozens of new ones are created each day.
The most significant characteristic of FYFZ.cn is that it is more "academic" or even "bookishness" than the others. Although the amount of lawyers’ (I mean barristers and solicitors here) blawgs is the highest, scholars dominate the site undoubtedly. A few eminent professors and more legal researchers lawg there activates, ideas, book chapters and even research proposals on there own blawgs. Among them, Dr. XU Xin becomes the top one with his blawg "Poetical Justice", which get more than 347 thousands hits since Jan 2005. Other famous scholars include Prof. XIE Hui, Prof. LIN Lai-Fan, Prof. HE Wei-fang, Prof. WEI Dun-You, Prof. ZHANG Chu, Prof. ZHANG Jian-Sheng, Prof. ZHANG Hai-Bing, Prof. FAN Jin-Xue, Prof. GU Ming-Kang, etc. WANG Yi, whose blog has (at least legendarily) been censored frequently, also registered a blawg in FYFZ.cn.
A registrant is not equal to a blawger of cause. Most registrant only post few logs, and a great amount of those logs can not be regarded as "lawgs"—-entertainments and hobbies are always easier than legal analysis. I will introduce some individual blawgs later.