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TinTin! My favourest!

This is the front cover of Tintin in the Land of the Soviets: For years, I thought Tintin in Congo were the beginning of his ventures . Here is an introduction of TinTin, and here is it’s Chinese Version (Some one say it can not be seen in mainland China. If really, what a Great Wall  ). One may visit here also.

I can not find Chinese Version of TinTin in the Land of the Soviets (Some one said TinTin Chinese Club has, but I get myself lost in it and still can not find what I want  ) Since the P2P is strictly forbidden in my intranet, I dare not download it’s English Version also.

Nearly totally without Sex, Tintin is welcome to all kinds people, including Dalai Lama (Oh…, I don’t like politics…). Actually, there do have some script of relationship between men and women even in Tintin. Ex. Bianca Castafiore (卡丝塔菲果) like Capitaine Haddock (阿道克船长), .

One can download Tintin Chinese Version (but not all) at here.