Why IP Lawyers Should be Involved in Business Strategic Decision-Making

keep-calm-and-call-your-ip-lawyer-3Just a Note: Recently, I am preparing for teaching a course for entrepreneurs and executive officers under the “Management of Cultural and Creative Business” postgraduate program held by the HKU SPACE. In addition, I myself have sat in a course of “Advanced Intellectual Property Law” led by William Fisher (Terry), the Wilmer Hale Professor of Intellectual Property Law at Harvard Law School.  These non-profit work brought me, partially, back to academic life, which is inspiring and interesting. However, after seven years full-time practice as an IP counsel, I see that my way of thinking has been more practical and industrial-oriented.

The following essay (after some edits before posting) was indeed a quick writing completed within 2.5 hours as a part of the answer book for the final exam of the aforesaid Advanced IP Law course.  Therefore, the first and biggest thank will be given to Terry, for his always enthusiastic seminars and informative contents therein.  This essay, along with the earlier blog posts and forthcoming ones, will become a series of my thoughts on IP & Creative Industry. And hopefully, it can bring something new to both academics and practitioners.

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