Flickr is FILTERED

Flickr is FILTERED

Flickr is FILTERED, suddenly but not astonished, because we have used to be filtered without any notices and reasons. According to William Long, The way of filtering are simple, effective and as rude as it was. The two domain names that are used to store the photos are listed in some famous fire wall (farm1. static. flickr. com and farm2. static. flickr. com — spaces are added after each dot. I know it is not necessary since blocked domain name are listed differing to the content list, but nothing is impossible. I mean, OK, rape me, I know I’ve no choice and I’ve used to it, but tell me before doing it, please).


Who is the next? Gmail? Feedburner? Netvibes? or, the whole INTERNET out of the border, no, out of their control? They don’t care your murmur since you are nothing, and they believe, for the profits, those companies will knock their door after self-castration.

One may ask: but who will love an eunuch? My answer is: they will not be regarded as disables since no comparation here, and furthermore, eunuches may be a better choice than rapists.

I was to write something about the possible way of claiming the damages for owners of Flickr Pro Accounts, following the model of Yetaai. But I am tired, very tired.