I am NINE years old!!!

I am NINE years old!!!

Hi, my name is BLawgDog, the second Internet baby of Uncle DONG (the first one? uncle Dong said he forgot the name…what an old man). I was born in 26 Aug 1999 and you may see my baby face at here (in Chinese). I have a little sister named SheCan.net, and actually I have a lot of cloned brothers all around the Chinese bloggersphere.

The following is a collection of my previous clothes and logos … a little outdated … but so cozy and memorable, hah.


BLawgDog is one of the key resources on Cyber Law and Intellectual Property Law in great China. It is a bilingual website both in Chinese and English (click here). BlawgDog provides fresh IP news and the most convincing comments either in academic sphere or in practising arenas. It’s Google PR = 4 and the average page view is 2000/day by the end of Aug. 2008.

If you wanna know more, hit here please.

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