Official Twitter Accounts of The Largest Chinese Companies

Official Twitter Accounts of The Largest Chinese Companies

Twitter is blocked in China, but a few Chinese government institutions or officers have set up their official accounts on Twitter.  For example, @loveJiangSu is a verified official account of the government of Jiangsu Province.

Then how about the business? I tried to look for the official verified Twitter accounts of the largest Chinese companies (by annual revenue according to Fortune 500) and had the following discoveries:

Sinopec Group (No. 1 in China & No. 2 Global, state-owned): @SinopecNews – Joined June 2015, 58K Followers. Latest tweet: April 1, 2020.

China National Petroleum (No. 2 in China & No. 4 global, state-owned): @official_cnpc (not verified by Twitter yet) – Joined November 2019, 1,844 Followers. Latest tweet: April 2, 2020.

State Grid Corporation of China (No. 3 in China & No. 5 global): no official account.

China State Construction Engineering (No. 4 in China & No. 21 global): no official account. A @state_china and a @statechina claimed to be the company’s account, but not actively used.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (No. 5 in China & No. 26 global): no official account.

Ping An Insurance (No. 6 in China & No. 29 global): No verified official account, but a @pingan_group is operating actively, joined December 2015, 918 Followers.

Among those who have twitter accounts, none attracted larger followers compared to the size of the corporations.  Twitter has not been considered a platform in these companies’ branding and PR (if any) strategy.

Huawei is ranked No. 16 in 2018 by revenue, and it does have an active official Twitter account: @huawei, which was registered in December 2009 and got 1.6 million followers.

According to another approach of ranking – calculating the largest Chinese company.  The most valuable companies in China are Tencent and Alibaba

Alibaba has an active official Twitter account: @AlibabaGroup, which attracted 153K followers since its opening in July 2014. 

The second-largest Chinese company (by capital value) is Tencent, which also has an active Twitter account @tencentglobal, which attracted about 9936 followers.