A Book on "Psychotechnology"

A Book on "Psychotechnology"

Cyberseduction: Reality in the Age of Psychotechnology
By: Dr. Jeri Fink    Table of Contents in Amazon.com
Prometheus Books, New York. 1999

Psychotechnology was born from two decades of living with computers, virtual realities, and the Internet. Equally as important, it was nurtured through the willing ears and imagination of some very special people. These are minds that took those first tentateive steps into a new philosophy, considering some of the exciting and chilling possibilities of a future infused with virtual reality simulations…(p.9)

From caves to cyberspace, virtual reality has been an integral part of human life. What is this strange, illusive place that we all recognize and have such difficulty defining? Why is there cyberseduction? In order to understand the nature of a virtual reality we need to first identify reality. Scientists, artists, philosophers, and ordinary people have been trying to firgure that out since the dawn of human consciousness.  Some say it’s everything that is physical and concrete. Many believe that it is what the group agrees on, a consensus reality. But then strange questions are raised. Does the tree that falls in the forest make any sounds when there is no one to hear? What is the difference between brain and mind? (p.15-16)

…Simply put, when reality is replaced by virtuality in cyberspace, anything can happen. Cyberseduction grabs us, tantalizes us, and irretrievably snares us. (p.17)

Why do we mix psychology and technology? History has shown that dramatic developments in technology have altered human adaptation….Reality in the age of psychotechnology is a merger of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. (p.19-20)

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