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The Premier's Promise

""I, together with Liu Qi (Beijing party chief), promise that Beijing will stay as clean as now after the Olympics, and Beijing will be clean forever."(Chinese: 我和刘淇书记立个保证,奥运会后,北京还要保持这么干净,北京要永远干净。) Premier Wen Jiabao said on 4 August. I don’t know why Xinhua neglected the last sentence of the promise in its English report. I hope this sentence will not trigger the Gov’s political denial of any negative news on Beijing’s  urban environment. Because under the current regime, if any officer admit that the air quality turns bad after the Olympics, he / she would be kicking the Premier of central Gov and the Beijing Party Chief. Who dare?


As I expected, while searching the Internet, I find a funny article in the website of Chinese official news agency titled as Promise the Everlasting Cleanness together with the Premier. Silently, the burden of keeping Beijing’s cleanness was switched to the Beijing people in this article.