Some Useful Links on China Internet Governance

Some Useful Links on China Internet Governance

Internet Governance in China is an aspect of my research topics. The following is a list of some useful publicated materials on the topic. I believe this collection is very copyrightable even it is just a rough version. This list is also contributed by Dr. Zhao Yun, so please at least mention our name (Zhao Yun and Dong Hao) and the URL of this site ( after you use it.
Please refer to the links to see the relative materials, which are in English unless followed “CN” after the links.
I. Major Structure of Internet and Internet Law in China


II. Cybercrime Law in China


China legislations on cyber crimes:

HK legislation as a Comparison

HK Laws against Hacking

HK Laws against Criminal Damage

Laws relating to Pornography

Laws relating to Internet Gambling

III. Critical Information Infrastructure via Legislation

On 16 April 1996, Chinese Central government set up a temporary unit: Work Group of Informationalization (which was substituted by some organ of the Department of Information Industry), which takes the responsibility of constructing information infrastructure. After that, many governmental documents (both in central and local levels) mentioned the term “Information Infrastructure”. In the newest 2006-2020 National Information Development Strategy, Chinese government proposed some aims of the development of information infrastructure. But in China, the term information infrastructure is mostly appeared as slogans, and it rarely lies in regulative provisions. Click here to see a rare example in a provincial regulation, and here (see Art. 5) is another example.


China has promulgated some ordinances on the information safety, apart from the above legislations. The followings are some other focusing on the security of computer, information assurance, information infrastructure, content censorship, and so forth.

l           Implementation Rules for Provisional Regulations of the Administration of International Networking of Computer Information in the People’s Republic of China (Should be visited in the network of City U)

l           Provisions on the Technical Measures for the Protection of the Security of the Internet (Should be visited in the network of City U)

l          Regulations of the People’s Republic of China for Safety Protection of Computer Information Systems (CN)

l          A definition of “nocuous information” that should be prohibited can be find here (CN), and one can find more regulations at here, and here (CN) provides some basic regulation to the information infrastructure.


One should remember that besides the legislations, there are some other documents that appeared not in the forms regulatory documents but policy statements, administrative notifications and even slogans in the field of information infrastructure. These documents are also very useful in the empirical research, though legal interpretations and deductive analyses to them may not applicable.