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Some Useful Links on China Internet Governance

Internet Governance in China is an aspect of my research topics. The following is a list of some useful publicated materials on the topic. I believe this collection is very copyrightable even it is just a rough version. This list is also contributed by Dr. Zhao Yun, so please at least mention our name (Zhao Yun and Dong Hao) and the URL of this site (www.blawgdog.com) after you use it.
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"The news is just .MIL.CN"

I find the illustration of misunderstanding/mis-translation to the new promulgation of Declaration on China’s Domain Name System in Rebecca’s Blog. It is really funny in that some foreigners seem always interested in the censorship issues and this make them used to burst out "alarmists".

It is a matter of FACT that Chinese Gov will not relieve its censorship policy tomorrow morning. However, there is another FACT in that, at least up to now, this censorship is mainly technical but not legislatorial (for example, the gov dose not impose the installation of application that can identificate the ".公司" names). And even when some really questionalble regulations are promulgated (of course not including this one as Rebecca has clarified in her post), it is another matter of FACT in that the enforcement of these regulations are often not as effeciently as what those observers, who may live in a country under the rule of law, would anticipate. (sorry I will not take examples here).

Another important information from Rebecca’s entry is that CNNIC did not actually use any alternative/parellel root.


Poster at the Sex Expo in Mexico   我前几天就知道了ICANN委员会否决“.XXX”类别域名的消息,本来也没什么好奇怪的——关于“.XXX”的好处和坏处,赞同者和反对者各执一词,所依据的价值原点又可以有多个,所以很难判定究竟是采用还是不采用这个类别域名好——由于我国到目前为止,对于成人信息的管制还处于十分初级的阶段,甚至没有建立起基本的分级制度,仅仅非常概括和粗暴地禁止“淫秽信息”的存在,所以估计“.XXX”即使真能设立,也会随即被全部列入“网络长城”的过滤范围。
  从法律关系上看,ICANN管理互联网域名的权利的确是美国政府授予的。不过,目前的ICANN的格局,本身就是利益相关各方(Stake Holders)角力的结果——不过(晕,不过的不过),占得先机的美国政府,在这一角力中,声音也会大一些——不过(天那!不过的不过的不过),由于美国总的来说是一个政府权力受到有效监督的国家,所以如果其本国内并非对.xxx一边倒,则就这件事情来讲,最后的博弈结果,也不见得多么偏离理性。
  其实,关心Internet Governance的人们不怎么在乎.xxx究竟该不该出生,他们在乎的是:“.XXX的准生证由谁发?”