From FaTianXia to YaDian-从法天下到雅典学园

From FaTianXia to YaDian-从法天下到雅典学园

This is a bilingual post. The Chinese version is following the English.

The logo of FaTianXia.
FaTianXia (Red characters beside the left stamp of Chinese traditional "Law") means Law in the World, or Law for the World, or Study from the World, etc. The black inscription is specially presented by professor Jiang Ping, the most prominent Jurist in China. It says: Rule of the Law for Everwhere, and Thinking for China (my bad translation, while it has far more implications in Chinese).

FaTianXia[dot]com (closed now) impressed me when I saw it at the first sight by its significant technological progress comparing to other Chinese online legal communities. Its founder, KaKaYu had obviously tried his best to design a user-friendly and multifunctional Web 2.0 style interface. I blogged it with joy immediately.


Perhaps because of the "BBS culture" in Chinese Internet sphere, or because of the tendency of grand narrative in Chinese legal blogosphere (this tendency has been changing significantly in recent two years), the content in FaTianXia was not as diverse as its technological functions. However, the defects cannot obscure the virtues. It is still one of the best non-profit grass-roots legal communities in China, at least in my view.


In fact, because I have my own independent, so I actually was not an active user of FaTianXia. I just established a mirro site of BLawgDog at FaTianXia, and occationally uploaded my posts together with their URLs at BLawgDog to lure the eyeballs to my own site. For a UGC (User-generated Content) site, criticising it but with almost zero contribution, is more or less an unkind behavior. 


Last December, FaTianXia was closed.  I don’t know the exact reason, so I cannot say anything on it.  What I can say currently is: I find a new Web 2.0 style Chinese legal site: YaDian (means Athens Lyceum in Chinese). It might be the best non-profit grass-roots online legal communities in China, at least in my view.







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