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Article 11 (Certain Rights in Dramatic and Musical Works: 1. Right of public performance and of communication to the public of a performance; 2. In respect of translations
(1) Authors of dramatic, dramatico-musical and musical works shall enjoy the exclusive right of authorizing: 
    (i) the public performance of their works, including such public performance by any means or process; 
   (ii) any communication to the public of the performance of their works.
第十一条1. 戏剧作品、音乐戏剧作品和音乐作品的作者享有下列专有权利,以授权:
(1) 公开表演其作品,包括用各种手段和方式公开表演
(2) 用各种手段公开播送其作品的表演


在伯尔尼公约,“公开表演”意思是:在公开场合(或者至少是在一个向公众开放的场合)对作品的表演。[Guide to the copyright and related rights treaties administered by WIPO]