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I heart whatever

A bar in Oxford was named as I  YN, which means“I LOVE WINE”. As a guy born in Yunnan, I will read it: I Love Yunnan.
牛津的一个酒吧的名字:I  YN, 意思是我爱红酒(wine和YN谐音),作为云南人,我会把它读为我爱云南

I love YN

Now Beijing is about to celebrate its first Olympics. So here is the I  BJ T-shirt. I think at least 80% adult native English speaker will associate it with another meaning. For me, I wish I could wear this T-shirt because I Love BJ, but I am afraid people thinking I Love BJ. Hah
现在伟大首都要开奥运会了,于是I  BJ也越来越多了。可是我相信百分之八十的成年英语人士人看见这个东东会有所联想。我要说:我很想穿这个衣服,因为我爱BJ,可是我怕人家理解成我爱BJ,呵呵!