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China regulates algorithms that could discriminate consumers or mislead public opinions

On first business day of 2022, China’s regulatory authority released a new regulation to prevent the algorithmic discrimination. Companies who applies machine learning technologies should reach out a lawyer who is familiar with the information technology to assess their risks.

ICP License Renewed and ISP Liability Released

The game of “Spoting the Difference" starts again!

Google’s ICP license renewed. See the captured today’s Google.cn web page below (left), and compare it with the page in last week (right).

Google.cn on 9 July 2010:
Google.cn on 4 July 2010:


Exactly as what I predicted, Google is trying to make Google.cn being a non-search engine website. It now places "Music", "Translation" and "Shopping" at the web page. These are what Google wishes to keep on running in China. While the search engine service of Google.cn is replaced by a link to google.com.hk. Legally speaking, Google.cn is not providing search engine service currently. It is merely a link to another website. Just like the links added in any of our own web posts.

White Paper: The Internet in China

Released by: 
Information Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China

On 8 June 2010




Administrative Protection of Copyright on the Internet


Promulgated by the National Copyright Administration and the Ministry of Information Industry on 29 April 2005 and effective as of 30 May 2005 (Order No. 5, 2005).


Article 1 These Procedures have been formulated in accordance with the PRC, Copyright Law and the relevant laws and administrative regulations in order to strengthen the administrative protection of the right of transmission on information networks in internet information services and to standardize administrative enforcement acts.

第一条  为了加强互联网信息服务活动中信息网络传播权的行政保护,规范行政执法行为,根据《中华人民共和国著作权法》及有关法律、行政法规,制定本办法。

Article 2 These Procedures shall apply to functions such as uploading, storing, linking or searching of the contents of works or audio and video products that are provided automatically on the internet in internet information services according to the commands of an internet content provider, without any editing, revision or selection of the stored or transmitted contents.

Where internet contents are directly provided in internet information services, the Copyright Law shall apply.

For the purposes of these Procedures, an “internet content provider” is an online user that publishes the relevant contents on the internet.

第二条  本办法适用于互联网信息服务活动中根据互联网内容提供者的指令,通过互联网自动提供作品、录音录像制品等内容的上载、存储、链接或搜索等功能,且对存储或传输的内容不进行任何编辑、修改或选择的行为。



Article 3 Copyright administrative departments at all levels shall carry out administrative protection of the right of transmission on information networks in internet information services in accordance with laws, administrative regulations and these Procedures. The State Council department in charge of information industry and the telecommunications administrative authorities of each province, autonomous region and municipality directly under the central government shall cooperate with such work in accordance with the law.