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"The news is just .MIL.CN"

I find the illustration of misunderstanding/mis-translation to the new promulgation of Declaration on China’s Domain Name System in Rebecca’s Blog. It is really funny in that some foreigners seem always interested in the censorship issues and this make them used to burst out "alarmists".

It is a matter of FACT that Chinese Gov will not relieve its censorship policy tomorrow morning. However, there is another FACT in that, at least up to now, this censorship is mainly technical but not legislatorial (for example, the gov dose not impose the installation of application that can identificate the ".公司" names). And even when some really questionalble regulations are promulgated (of course not including this one as Rebecca has clarified in her post), it is another matter of FACT in that the enforcement of these regulations are often not as effeciently as what those observers, who may live in a country under the rule of law, would anticipate. (sorry I will not take examples here).

Another important information from Rebecca’s entry is that CNNIC did not actually use any alternative/parellel root.