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Kunming's Spicy Food (By someone born in KM)

Kunming food in its variety and diversity will never fail to satisfy travelers. Take a small restaurant which provides only three to four tables in Jianshe Road for example. This restaurant provide more than 50 kinds of snacks. You can sit around the table and enjoy your tongue a whole afternoon. The shopkeeper never worry about his profit since as long as the snacks are delicious, Kunming residents will be pleasure to stand aside the counter of the restaurant, order and consume the spicy dishes one by one.

Actually, street stalls selling a great variety of delicious snacks scatters around everywhere in the city. If you are not very familiar to Kunming streets, you may find a snack heaven in Baoshan (宝善) Street, which lies in the very center of the city. Please ignore the Mcdonald’s and Pizzahat on your way to the spot named as "Xiang Yun City of Delicious Foods". btw, "Xiang Yun" (祥云) in Chinese means "favonian clouds".

Spice is the spirit of Kunming snacks. If you are allergic to capsicum, you will find an inferno of the above delicious food city. Eventually, God is always merciful, you will survive the inferno by ordering those desserts in the same place. I guarantee even these desserts will make you feeling extreme happiness.