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Some comments to the research of Chinese law

After more than thirty years legal march, the Chinese legal system has been more and more complicated (although still immature and full of conflicts), and it is the time to review it as an integrated system but not only a target of criticism.


For instance, the research to the text of Chinese legislation may frequently meet a paradox: why the standards in Chinese law are not enforced in practice? The researchers may attribute to the Confucian culture, "Asian Value" and the corruption (or arbitrariness) of authoritarian regime, etc. It seems the violation of human rights, the censorship of Chinese Internet and the widespread piracy in Chinese copyright market were normality, or that would not be China. However, these not-wrong discoveries are mostly not able to provide solutions. A combination of positive research to Chinese law and the observation to either the existing reform within the regime or the potential trends in the society, as what I am trying in my proposed research, may make the solutions nearer.