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【内容摘要】在当前我国的著作权法中,不仅内容违法的作品,而且程序上违法的作品都不被授予著作权,并且程序与内容之间存在相互影响的关系。尽管“违法作品即无著作权”在现行国内法层面具有合法性,但在国际著作权法层面却无法获得正当性,并导致了超国民待遇的产生。通过“三步测试法”对“内容违法即无著作权”的规则予以衡量后,可以发现问题的关键是:并非不能在立法中否定内容违法的作品的著作权,而是需要通过各种手段明确内容违法的范围,使其符合 TRIPS 协定第 13 条中“特定的特殊情形”的要求。在此基础上,有必要探索出一套既符合国际公约,又有益于国内法治发展的制度改革方案。

【关键词】 违法作品 著作权 TRIPS 协定 三步测试法 实证法



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They just had Not Noticed It – Rebecca's Talk

screen-capture.pngRebecca Mackinnor brought an interesting talk at the Berkman Center on China’s Internet culture. See the video here, and see the notes by Ethan Zuckerman here, and notes by David Weinberger here.

In her presentation, Rebecca figures out the Back-Dorm Boys (后舍男孩), Premier Wen Jiabao’s 2-plus hour net chatting, rivercrab(河蟹), "alpaca sheep(草泥马)", blocked blogs and so on. These are very familar to Chinese netizens, at least those Chinese netizens who are working on the social development of the cyberspace and the cyberlaw. While what the most important observation of Rebecca, in my view, appears at the Q&A session. She said that for many people living on the mainland China, they  just not noticed the censorship.

Why? Becuse they just have many other concerns about their life, and

(1) for Chinese mainlander students, there are so much interesting stuffs IN the Chinese Cyberspace, including "alpaca sheep";

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Some Useful Links on China Internet Governance

Internet Governance in China is an aspect of my research topics. The following is a list of some useful publicated materials on the topic. I believe this collection is very copyrightable even it is just a rough version. This list is also contributed by Dr. Zhao Yun, so please at least mention our name (Zhao Yun and Dong Hao) and the URL of this site ( after you use it.
Click HERE to see the details.
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 今天看CBS的“六十分钟杂志”,说美国科学家们有关温室效应的研究报告在提交国会前,会受到白宫官员的审查和修改,以使报告中所说明的温室效应现象显得不那么严重。甚至在平常的学术发言中,也要避免用一些词汇,比如“danger”。一位科学家说起自己提交的报告被修改的遭遇时,再三地说:But, he is a lawyer, a politician. He is a lawyer!




(图片来源:CBS网站, )

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